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Pavel Stratan

He was born on November 11th, 1970 in the village of Niscani, Calarasi, Basarabia, and at the age of 7 Pavel was for the first time up on the school stage with his guitar in his hands.

In 1983 he started to write his first lyrics and in 1996 he had his first experience on stage as a magician. He graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts in Chisinau.

In 2002 he released the first album – “Amintiri din copilarie” (Childhood Memories) – which was sold in 7,000 copies during the first month / During the first two months almost 50,000 units were sold”.

His music cannot be classified. It is a mixture of styles. He doesn’t know for sure how much is inspiration and how much original music. In fact, this seems to be the novelty he brings on the market. He stands out by bits of folk and of traditional motives.

This new trend also includes Pavel Stratan, a.k.a. “the revelation of the season”, the one who gave one of his first performances in Romania on a cold autumn Sunday. Every person came to listen to his “Amintiri din copilarie” (Childhood Memories).

He starts his “memories” with the song “Eu beu” (I drink), but first he believes it is imperative he makes a small comment: he has always loved to mock the drinking theme. After finishing his first song he drinks from a glass of water and sees that he is closely watched by each of the 2500-3000 spectators and thinks it is necessary to ask them “did you think this is vodka?”. He sings about every prank he had done at home when he was a little boy or when he was a little older. The music is either joyful or sand and melancholic.

His lyrics – with a certain social value it is worth being followed – follow and sometimes you wonder how he is able to breathe. “The word play, the music sang almost with no refrain and the lyrics” are the novelty and his best card, at least that’s what he thinks. He gets more emotional with certain songs and on the stage in Bucharest he lives every single moment he sings of. Sometimes the emotions choke him but the audience is with him and never lets him down.

The artist released 4 special albums named “Amintiri din copilarie”, 4 different volums (2004 – Vol I & Vol II, 2005 – Vol II si 2011 – Vol IV).

After the album released in 2011, Pavel released several collaborations, with artists such as CRBL, Alessia, Kapushon, Bros Project and others.

2013 – Pavel presents us the hit-single “Tango”, a new solo single. Also, after that, he collaborates with Jorge for the song “Geamantan”. A new month, another featuring, this time with the beautiful Anna Lesko – “Leagana barca”.

His music projects are marked in 2014 by other new songs. First of all, we have the song “Vorbe letale”, featuring Alessia, a special love story, with fights and passion. That was the only featuring with a female artist in that year. Up next, Pavel released other 3 songs: one with “CRBL”, another one with Cristyz, and the last one with Bros Project.

In 2015, Pavel surprised us with a song alongside Kapushon, a special song with a strong message – “Nebuni.