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Shift (on his real name Gabriel Mihai Istrate) is one of the newest hip-hop Romanian artists.

He is from Galati, where in 1998 forms the band Ilogic, for which he collaborates with Urban Records as artist and producer, enjoying the music together with : Raparta, Mc Bean, Connect-R, Matteo, Tom Boxer, Mike Diamondz, Vanotech, K-Gula, Dj Undoo.

In 2008, he decides to start a solo career and he releases the video for the song “Prea Devreme”, under the pseudo-name “Kreuzet”.

Between 2008 and 2009, he returns to Bucharest where he begins working with Kontrol Room Studio @Sahia Film, creating songs for artists such as Besa (Albania), 361Grad (Elvetia), Roxy Rocks, Andreea Antonescu, Sylvie, K1, Dariela, Alexandra Stanciu and Lavinia.

In the same period, he produces entirely the album “Acelash – E bine rau” and creates the production-group “Midiots”.

The year 2010 brings new happenings in his career: he changes his pseudo-name in “Shift”, video-shoots his first 3 videos and expands his portfolio of collaborating – artists on the production part (Puya, Bere Gratis, Dj Osaka si SRG, Sylvie).

In the spring of 2012, he releases an unique song featuring George Nicolescu. The song “Viata-i de vina” unites two worlds, two music styles and two personalities, the result being one very harmonious, with a strong social message.

In December 2012, Shift releases the video for the song“Lejer”, throughout the artist reveals to its public, his concept about life.

2013 – brings the super-collaboration with Marius Moga, for the hit-single “Sus pe toc”, with million views on YouTube and on heavy rotation on radio and TV. In the same year, he releases together with Paula Seling, the song “Arde”.

In 2014, Shift surprises again with the remake of the Compact’s hit-single “Dupa ani si ani”, featuring Vizi Imre, the finalist from “The Voice” – 2013 Romanian edition.

April 2014, brings the hit “Rupem boxele”, a collaboration with the sexy-diva Andreea Banica.

In 2015 he collaborates with Andra for the single “Avioane de hartie”, one of the most viral songs of the beginning of the year, being also in the music charts. Also in 2015, he releases the song “Vin sec”, featuring ADDA, which is their second collaboration.

Top songs:

“Avioane de hartie” (feat Andra)

“Sus pe toc” (feat Marius Moga)


“Avioane de hartie” (feat Andra)

Adda feat Shift – Vin sec

“Dupa ani si ani” (feat Vizi Imre)