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Ruby, on her real name Ana Claudia Grigore, was born at Medgidia in 1989. She graduated the music High-School “Dinu Lipatti”, acting class, and afterward, she studies at Journalism University.

Ruby started her career in music in 2010, with the song “Touch Me”, followed by other successful singles such as “Change The World”, “Miracle of Love” or “Stinge lumina”.

She is the only Romanian artist who debuted through an international concert in Germany, in front of over 5000 people. She had tens of international concerts in countries like Germany, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Albany and was the front-cover girl of the most important magazine for men, in the summer of 2012.

The single “Miracle Of Love”, released in the spring of 2012, was air-played on all Romanian radios, and also overseas, the song being licensed in countries like Japan, USA, Italy, Israel and Poland.

After the success of “Miracle Of Love”, Ruby releases, at the beginning of September 2012, the hit-single ”Stinge Lumina”, with a very sexy video. The song was composed in Hahaha Production studios, with Alex Velea as main composer and soon became one of the 2012′ hits. Soon after the Romanian version, it was released an English version – “Turn Off the Lights”, together with a new video, directed by Radu Aldea.

At the beginning of 2013, Ruby releases the song “Baiat de bani gata”, featuring Pacha Man. Two months later, in March 2013, the beautiful artist collaborates with CRBL for the single “Toata tara”, and afterward a new song with Romanian lyrics – “1001 de nopti”.

In 2014, Ruby reinvents herself and releases a black and white video for the single “De la distanta”, composed in HaHaHa Production studios.

The summer of 2014 brings two more songs: Ruby releases the video “Tu (Inima si Sufletul)”, a gift for her 1.000.000 Facebook fans, one the most spectacular projects produced in Romania: tens of locations and also a lot of secondary-characters with outstanding make-ups “bringing to life” characters as Johnny Depp, Pharrell or Bruno Mars. For the hot summer days and sexy nights, Ruby collaborates with Yogi and Shift, for the song “Inghetata”, which has a “delicious” and funny video, directed by Cercel Lazar.

In February 2015, straight from Africa where she is at the TV show “Sunt celebru, scoate-ma de aici”, Ruby releases the song and video “Nu pune la suflet”, featuring What’s Up. The song is composed in the deMoga Music studios and Ruby is one of the writers. The single had more than 490.000 views on YouTube in the first 24 hours and 1 million in the first 60 hours. The smashing hit “Nu pune la suflet” had over 18.000.000 views in only 3 months on YouTube.

After the TV show, Ruby, with the other two finalists (Catalin Morosanu & Dorian Popa), released the song “Lasa cucu-n pace”, a song about the whole African experience. This is one of the most popular songs of 2015, with more than 18 million views on YouTube. On the YouTube Rewind Top 2015, Ruby had 2 songs of the 10 Most Popular Songs: “Lasa cucu-n pace” and “Nu pune la suflet”, featuring What’s Up, with a total of over 43 views on Cat Music YouTube Channel in 9 months.

October 2015 – The song “Baiat de bani gata” (feat Pacha Man) is rearranged and released with the premiere of the film “Lumea e a mea”, being part of the soundtrack to it, alongside the collaboration with CRBL for the song “Toata tara”.

Ruby and Dorian Popa continue the successful collaboration and released the single and video “Buna, ce mai zici?”. The video was directed by Dan Petcan and was filmed over several days, both in Bucharest and in Paris. In just four months since it was released, the video has more than 22 million views on YouTube. That meant also the release of her blog,, with articles about life, music, movies, beauty, gaming and cooking.

Top songs:

Buna, ce mai zici? (feat Dorian Popa)

Stinge lumina

Nu pune la suflet (feat What’s UP)

De la distanta

Baiat de bani gata (feat Pacha Man)

1001 nopti

Doua suflete

Tu (Inima si sufletul)