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Liviu Hodor

Liviu Hodor started his career at age 16 in his hometown Campulung, Romaniam, as a radio D. At age 18, he started to spin decks in clubs all over Romania.

He moved to Bucharest and worked with no.1 television in Romania, Pro TV, plus he had his own radio show on Vibe Fm – the no.1 dance radio station in the country at the time. He also continued his DJ career and  he won Best New Act, at  the 2010 Awards edition.

In 2009, he made his next step in his career. Along with beautiful female vocalist Tara and with worldwide superstar Edward Maya, he started a dance music project: Liviu Hodor feat Tara. The first single “Happy for you” has been no.1 for several weeks all over Romanian radio charts.                                                                                                                                   More than 1 year after the track was released, the radios all over the country were still playing it.

“Happy for you” is starting to conquer other countries. The song has been licensed all over the world with the biggest record companies there: Middle East (EMI Arabia), North, Central and South America (Ultra Records USA), UK+Eire (3Beat/All Around The World), Germany, Switzerland, Austria (Lickin Records)Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (NEWS), Spain + Andorra (Blanco Y Negro), Russia + CIS (Dance Paradise.Kontora), Portugal (ViDisco), Poland (MyMusic), Bulgaria (Animato), Greece (EMI), Turkey (EMI).

In 2010, Liviu Hodor and Tara released their second single. “Dream with you” is a summer catchy track with a lovely accordion vibe on it. The track was composed by Liviu Hodor, alongside his fellow studio partners from the band Sunrise Inc. The track was one of the most played song in the clubs here.

In 2011, Liviu teamed up again with Sunrise Inc  for another dance track “Still the same”. The video was voted as one of the best produced so far in Romania.

Summer of 2011 seemed to be one of the hottest for Liviu Hodor. He released “Sweet love”, alongside the amazing female vocalist “Mona”. The track had a huge feedback and it was in every DJ or radio playlist in Romania and other territories.

Up next, it was the hit-single “Je t’aime”, also  featuring  Mona. After several concerts in Romania, but also in Vietnam, India, Italy, Spain, Slovenia or Sri Lanka, in 2012, they released a song with Romanian lyrics – “Da-mi vara inapoi”.

The duo’s second song with Romanian lyrics is “Unde-i dragostea” and it was released in the fall of 2013. Liviu Hodor and Mona continued with the song “Tic Tac”, composed by Adi Sina (Akcent).

The beginning of 2015 means another collaboration for Liviu Hodor. “You (In my dreams” is featuring DJ Afgo and it is a deephouse song, composed by Liviu and Alexandru Voicu, alongside the boys from Sunrise Inc.

Top songs:

Sweet love (feat Mona)

Da-mi vara inapoi (feat Mona)

Dream With You (feat Tara)

You (In My Dreams) (feat DJ Afgo)