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Havana is a project formed in 2014 by Sorin (Crush), Vanotek, together with Nadir (the lead singer).

The first single of Havana is “Vanessa” – with an exotic sound and the Spanish chorus, a premiere for Nadir, artist who is original from Libia. The song is composed by the known-producers Vanotek and Sorin Seniuc, and the lyrics are signed by Nadir and Lexi.

After this, the boys released “Vita Bella”- song in which Nadir sings the chorus in Italian. This time also, Nadis is one of the composers, together with Adriana Rusu, Vanotek, Sorin (Crush) and Alexandra Tirtirau. The video “Vita Bella” shows a love story on notes, in a minimalist set-up.

With over 18 million views in only 4 months after its release and one of the most successful videos of this year on YouTube, “Vita Bella” was topping the charts in Romania and also in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Russia, Greece and Bulgaria.

„Que Sera, Sera” is the third single Havana and it was composed by Vanotek and Sorin (Crush), in their studio – Smash Production.

Born in Tripoli, Libia, Nadir is passionate about music since early age. In 2012, participates at X Factor, where he conquers the public and the jury with his charisma and sensational voice. Nadir released as solo singer, songs such as „Leyla”, „Mana in mana”, „Culoarea ta”, and also collaborated with Randi, J. Yolo, Uddi and Loredana Groza. Vanotek produced songs for several Romanian artists, such as Dan Balan, Anda Adam, Sasha Lopez, Naguale, and Sorin is part of the Crush band and is also known as a producer.

Songs from Havana’s portfolio:


Vita Bella

Que Sera, Sera