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DJ Sava

Born on April 3 1973, Constantin  Sava is one of the most famous DJs in Romania. Passionate about music, Sava starts his career in the early 90s, as a DJ for the most famous club in his hometown.

His local success, recommends  DJ Sava for his next level job – resident DJ in the most famous beach- discotheque from Romania.

Wherever it comes to electronic music, Dj Sava is always one of the top guests invited at the most important electronic music festivals. In 2005, the famous DJ releases the single “Gone Away”, a featuring with Elena Pavel and the video “Remember”, with Dana Necula.

His first album is released in 2007 and includes, besides his previously released hits, some featurings with Connect-R, one of the most famous Romanian singers and some remixes.

Sava’s first featuring with Connect-R, “Sunshine”, becomes immediately after the release a smashing hit both in Romania and abroad. In 2008, DJ Sava and Connect-R decide to release a new single – “The reason”, a new absolute success.

2009 means for DJ Sava a new collaboration and a new success – “September”, featuring Raluka, one of the most important releases that year, in Romania.

2010 means for DJ Sava and Raluka a new hit and also a new record – “I like the trumpet” the No.1 single in Romanian Broadcast Monitoring System for 11 weeks in a row. The same year, DJ Sava is the opening act for the Tiesto’s concert in Chisinau.

The hit single “Love you”, Sava’s first collaboration with Raluka and Connect-R is released at the end of 2010. In 2011, the famous DJ starts collaborating with Cristina and releases the single “2.2 Story”.

Together with Andreea D, Sava releases “Money Maker” and “Free”, two new smashing hits.

After the featuring with Andreea, Sava discovers a new talent – Misha and releases “Give it to me”, “Cocktail” and “Tenerife”.

In 2013, as a surprise for his fans, together with Raluka and Connect-R, Sava realeases the mega-hit “Aroma”. After the huge success, in 2014 they release “Aer”, the sequel of “Aroma” and a new amazing success. Also in 2014, together with Hevito, Sava releases “Bailando”.

In 2014 – releases the hit-single “Bailando”, featuring Hevito, topping the Romanian charts and the international ones. DR Kucho made an official remix for the song.

In 2015 – DJ Sava, Misha & Connect-R released their first song and video in this formula – “Te strig”.

Also in 2015 – DJ Sava and Misha brought us their first song with spanish lyrics, “Amor a Monaco”, in the summer of 2015, with an amazing video filmed in Monaco.