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What’s UP

What’s UP (Marius Ivancea) was born on February 8th, 1989 in Bucharest. Ever since he was a little boy music has been his favorite way of playing. At the age of 8, he writes the first lyrics and he’s been writing ever since.

At the age of 13 he walks for the first time into a recording studio and a year later be comes the lyricist of Atomic TV. At the age of 17, What’s UP releases his first video. Shortly after, the Atomic TV station is closed and at this time What’s UP takes a break to continue his education.

Several years later, the artist feels he should pursuit his dream and returns to music, more seriously this time. In love with production, at the beginning of the year 2011 he starts Moondust Production and locks himself in the studio with his new team.

Shortly after the projects started to emerge; they include music packages for TV shows (Kanal D, Antena 1, Euforia TV).

At the age of 22, What’s UP releases his first hit – ”Habar n-ai tu” (You Have No Idea) in collaboration with Maximilian, a time when he announces the release of his first album – “Povestea inimii” (Story Of The Heart). After this featuring, What’s UP appears with Sisu in the projects “Mintea mea” (My Mind) and “Daca vrei” (If You Want To) and then with DOC in the song “Ceai” (Tea), which proves to be a genuine success.

And because he is restless, What’s UP brings to Romania a new concept, Music-Video Serial, called “Viata cu Wass” (Life With Wass), which already features two episodes (“De azi pe maine” (For The Time Being) and “Europa vino-ncoace” (Europe, Come Here)). What’s UP promises other 57 episodes inspired from his life and from the life of people close to him.

In 2012 his notoriety spread after he released the hit-single “K la meteo”, a successful collaboration with Andra.

2013 – 3 major collaborations: the first one with Andreea Banica for single “In lipsa ta”, then with ADDA for the song “Cu drag” and the track “Arme”, featuring Amna. After the 3 songs with the beautiful ladies, What’s UP released a song feat Uddi – “Scumpa domnisoara”, dedicated to all women around the world.”

“Taxi” was What’s UP first solo single, a major hit and a no. 1 hit on the radio and TV stations, and the artist had a tour in Romania named “Taxi”.

After the amazing success of the hit-single “Taxi”, What’s Up released another catchy song – “Tanar si nebun”, a featuring with Horia Moculescu, about all the crazy and special moments from our life.

2015 means another smashing hit from the young and cool artist. “Bine” gathers more than 10 million views on YouTube in a few months after the release and was topping the radio and TV charts.

Music portfolio:

What’s Up – Taxi

What’s Up feat. Andra – K la Meteo

Amna feat What’s Up – Arme

Adda feat What’s Up – Cu drag

Cabron – Iarnapeval [feat. What's Up &Iony]

AndreeaBanica feat What’s Up – In lipsa ta

Uddi feat What’s Up – Scumpadomnisoara

What’s Up feat DeMoga Music – La multi ani