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VOLTAJ is one of the trendsetters in the Romanian music industry: 9 Studio albums, 4 DVDs, lots of music awards, first Multimedia CD – the album “Bungee”, first Dual CD: the album “Revelator”, first concert for one fan only – the album “3D”, 10.000 letters with the members’ autographs sent to the fans – release of the single “Scrisoare”, releasing the book “Povestea oricui”, first video filmed entirely with a photo camera, for the song “MSD2″, first video filmed with a phone: “Dematurizarea”, first video with 3D graphics: “Noapte buna”, first song sang on a tablet: “Da vina pe Voltaj”, first live concert held on an airport, on 1st of December, first concert at a wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day.

The band Voltaj established in 1982, alongside the release of the song “Nori de hartie” and their first big concert, held in Bucharest. The initial members were: Horaţiu Rad – bass, Nikki Dinescu – drums, Gabi Nacu – guitar, Cristi Minculescu – voice, Adrian Ilie – guitar). In 1986, Voltaj has a new lead singer, Cristi Ilie, and new members: Amedeo Bolohoi (guitar), Dan Mateescu – bass, Doru Istudor M.S.- drums and Adrian Ilie – guitar, the only member remained of the old Voltaj.

In 1988, Gabi Constantin came as a new member. Also, he is part of the band nowadays.

1995 – thier first album “Pericol de moarte”.

1998 – Calin Goia is the new vocal of the band, and Voltaj has a new formula, with Gabi Constantin (guitar), Vali Ionescu (bass) and Paul Neacsu (guitar).

1999 – Voltaj presented their second album, “Risk Maxim 2″, both on CD and cassette, with 12 songs.

2000 – new year, new music projects and a new studio album – “Bungee”. They released the smashing hit-single “Albinuta”, as first single from the album, and other two singles: “Zodia C” and “Un pas in fata”.

2001 – is the year of “3D” album and the time when Bobby Stoica becomes a member.

2002 – another member came – Oliver Sterian, (the son of the famous folk singer Vali Sterian and ex-drum player of the band Bere Gratis).

2002 – first big tour, “3D Tour”, in 26 cities from Romania.

2002 – a new album is released – “424″, and the song “Scrisoare” is the first single promoted from the album.

2003 – first five years in this formula and a first collection album, named “Best Of”. Same year, the album “424″ goes Gold for sales.

2004 – Voltaj brings the album “Povestea oricui” with an amazing concert, with special guests such as Sistem, Papa Junior and the dancers named “Bebelusele”. “Eu cu mine”, “Si ce?” and “Povestea oricui” are the singles from the album.

2006 – a new album with beautiful song is released: “Revelator”

2008 – had an amazing crowd at the concert held at Sala Polivalenta from Bucharest. At the concert, Voltaj presented the album “V8″.

2010 – Voltaj collaborates with Deepside Deejays for the single “I Wanna Be Free”. This is the name of the tour Voltaj made in Romania.

2012 – released their new album – “DA VINA PE VOLTAJ”, with the singles “Mi-e dor de…” and “I Wanna Be Free”.

2012 – received the award “Best Live” at Romanian Music Awards.

2012 – they presented the video of the song “Lumea e a mea”, that we found on “Da vina pe Voltaj” album.

December 2012 – Bobby Stoica leaves and Adrian Cristescu is the new member of the band.

2013 – another smashing hit from the boys is released. The song “Pic Pic” was presented on a special event held on the Bucharest heliport.

2013 – other month, a new project. The video “Ultima secunda”, also from the album “Da vina pe Voltaj”, and brings images from the short-movie “Bucuresti, te iubesc” (Bucharest, I love you), in what we can see the young and talented actors – Kira Hagi and Rares Andrici.

2014 – A new huge concert, held at Sala Polivalenta Bucharest, in front of more than 7000 people, where Voltaj presented the song “Meci de box”. At the concert, they revealed their new collaboration, with the rapper Cabron for the song “Vocea ta”, a very powerful song with a social message.

2014 – started the amazing project – De la capat”. With a strong emotional message, „De la capat” is more than a song, it’s a manifest. The song presents the cause of the children, whose parents went abroad working, and the little ones live in severe emotional trauma because of this. The official video of „De la capat” song contains several images from the short film „Way of the Danube”, directed by Sabin Dorohoi. The movie highlights this problem and fits perfectly the song, therefore the band wants to present this situation on an international level. A child needs love, hugs, family. The song talks exactly about unfulfilled childhoods, about parents who are thousands of miles away, about the untold night stories. Because life is happening now and there’s no rewind button.

Voltaj represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest, contest held in Austria in May 2015.

After this amazing experience, the band releases a new song “Din toata inima”. In the video are presented some of the most beautiful places from Romania: Salina Turda, Transfagarasan, Cheile Turzii, Marea Neagra, Pietrele Doamnei, Delta Dunarii, Cluj and Aerodromul Clinceni.

“Din toata inima” means also they Romanian tour, in some of the most important cities, and two amazing concerts: one held at Sala Palatului Bucharest and one at Sala Polivalenta Cluj, in front of more than 10.000 people both concerts.


Calin Goia

Gabriel Constantin

Oliver Sterian

Adrian Cristescu

Valeriu Ionescu