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Sunrise Inc

Sunrise Inc was founded at the beginning of the year 2009 by Adi, Silviu and Mihai and is a band with a promising career; by now their success has pushed the project further and further. Songs such as “Forever in my soul” and “One in a million” have been two of the most played songs in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Albania.

The first Sunrise Inc single, “Forever in my soul“ is part of the NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 09 Highlights – THE MEGAMIX compilation, the official compilation of the Nightlife Awards in The Netherlands, involved in the Dj Tiesto project DANCE 4 LIFE. While “Forever in my soul” received license in more than 10 countries in Europe and is now part of numerous dance compilations, staying in TOP 100 in The Netherlands for more than 9 weeks, “One in a million” remained on top of the most played songs in Greece and Cyprus the entire summer of 2009.

They were followed by “Lick Shot“, which set the fire in the summer of 2010 with a fresh sound and a mega-positive vibe. It was one of the most played songs by radio and TV stations and was signed in more than 30 countries throughout the world with the best labels: the USA & Central America, the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia & the CSI countries, Israel etc.

Sunrise Inc are famous in Europe as the best musical producers too. They have worked with Lexter (famous after the summer hit “Freedom to love” in 2008) for his third single, “Virtual lies” and the featuring “Sunrise Inc feat. Lexter – Insatiable love“, and also with artists in Russia, Albania, Greece, and most of the Romanian artists have worked / are now working with Sunrise Inc; here are some of these names: Liviu Hodor & Tara, Andreea Balan, Kittens, Alba Wings, Lauryn, Mario Bischin, Noni.

Another Sunrise Inc production “captivating” many fans is “Gypsy Queen“, the collaboration with Lauryn, which struck the clubs in Romania and the top of the radio music charts in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel etc.

Then the collaboration with Liviu Hodor followed, “Still the Same“, a different and dreamy song following the same club pattern as “Lick Shot“, mixed with tints of melancholy, but keeping the same optimism that has been transmitted so far by the boys.

The next Sunrise Inc single, ”Niña”, combines the specific house beat with the Latino sound and has already had more than 8 million views on YouTube.

They are followed by “Mysterious girl”, a song keeping the positive and energetic features specific to the Sunrise Inc. productions.

For the latest single, Sunrise Inc take a break from singing in foreign languages and perform it in their mother tongue, an aspect very much appreciated by the audience so far.

The first single in Romanian language was “Toate femeile pleaca” and it was wrote by the band members. After releasing the single, Mihai decided to get out of the project.

In 2013 the band had collaborated with Delia for “Love me”. They are also the composers of Delia’s hit-single “U (Fighting with my ghost)”. Also, together with Miradey, they release “Tout le monde”, a French song.

In 2014 they released “Indiferente”, a collaboration with Da Flevia and a Spanish song “Eselamor”.

2015 – brings the song and the latino inspired video “Muevete”, a new project that shows their new musical direction.

That’s why, their second song released in 2015, is also a spanish song “Una palabra”, featuring the diva Andreea Banica, an amazing story about the passion and loving life of the Latinos.