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Nadir was born on August 4th 1988 in Libya (Tripoli), with origins both in Libya and in Romania. His passion for music has inherited from his father.

He followed classical singing and piano lessons, but the great love of music discovered it when he had to leave. After returning to Romania, Nadir started doing hours of singing and music theory.

2012 – participates in The X Factor TV show, where he reaches the finals. After the contest, he releases 2 solo singles: “Interzis” and “Leyla”. The third single released by the charismatic artist, “Mana in mana” is featuring J. Yolo.

Follows the collaboration with CRBL for the song “Culoarea ta”, which comes with the first video of Nadir, where the artist has a date with a sensual girl.

In July 2014, Nadir and the producers Sorin Seniuc and Vanotek brought the project Havana and the first single “Vanessa”, the first song that mixes Spanish with English released by Nadir.

Also in 2014, Nadir is working with Randi and Uddi for the hit “Girlfriend”, song that talks about the love between a young man and a girl of modest condition located in a relationship with an older gentleman.

February 2015 – Havana project continues with the second single – Bella Vita – a new first for Nadir, who this time is singing the chorus in Italian. The song is composed by Nadir, along with Adriana Rusu, Vanotek, Sorin (Crush) and Alexandra Tirtirau. With over 18 million views in four months since it was released and one of the most viewed videos of the beginning of the year on YouTube, the hit “Vita Bella” won the audience in Romania, but had an impact in several countries, such France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria.

April 2015 – Nadir is working with Loredana Groza for the single and video “Te iubesc”.

September 2015 – appears the third single of the Havana project, “Que Sera, Sera”, supported by the unique voice of the artist.

Also in 2015 November, Nadir has a new solo single – “Melodia mea” – composed by Randi and Georgian Margarit, along with a video in which the artist appears in novel poses and plays various roles.

Year 2015 brings also the participation in the show “Te cunosc de undeva”, where he proves versatility and easily turn into many artists such as Steve Taylor, Gica Petrescu, Andra and many others.