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Mossano (Lucian Mosanu) is a project released on the market in 2009. The success came when the hit Indianotech – which occupied the first positions of the music charts for several months.

Lucian Mosanu is a DJ with more than 10 years in the industry, who has been passionate for music since his childhood years. When he was a teenager he discovered his DJ skills and at the age of 18 he becomes the resident DJ in a club in his hometown. During that period of time he meets Adi Colceru, a.k.a. David Deejay. In 2005 he moves to Bucharest where he continues to work with his new friend.

“Indianotech” was released in 2009 and unica climbed towards the international success. When the video was released in February 2010, the song was already a hit played on the radio or every music TV station in Romania. This was the biggest part, as the evidence was Indian, which was something totally new for the Romanian music.

More than 4 million listeners of the most important radio stations voted “Indianotech” as NO 1 in the spring of 2010. Moreover, it was the most popular single played by radio stations, according to Nielsen Music Control.

A smashing hit, it became an international success and occupied top positions in Europe in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Albania, Poland, Rusia, Spain or Bulgaria.

More than that, not only that the first edition of “Indianotech” was a big success, but other remixes published for this song – if Mossano Featured Connect-R and Flame Sonny.

The second single, “Zingarinho“, also produced by David Deejay, was released in April 2010 and had the same success as the previous. With the same Indian influences, “Zingarinho” soon became one of the most played singles in the summer of 2010 and occupied the 1st position in the Turkish charts.

The collaboration between Mossano and David Deejay is by far a successful one.