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Founded at the beginning of the year 1998 under the name of “Atlantic Blue”, towards the end of 2000 the band becomes “JukeBox”. Since that moment on, it has been present on the music market by participating in many festivals and concerts, press releases and amazing shows. Historically speaking, they have more than 10 years of music activity and more than 1000 live concert in every type of location possible. Since 2006 the band has been part of the “CRONICA CARCOTASILOR” show on Prima TV.

The current formula of the band:

Alexandru VASILACHE–Voice, Adi TETRADE–Drums, Viorel DODOC–Guitar, Andrei APOSTOL–Guitar, Alin NEAGOE–Bass, Alexandru MATEI–Keyboard, Sergiu MOLDOVAN-Keyboard, Jo SIHOTA-Backing vocals, Adi DAN-Sunet.

Te adoresc:

The latest single, also accompanied by a video, is Cum vrei tu (As You Wish):