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Feli says about herself that she is “a natural satellite of the music” and she can’t imagine a better way of expressing herself than through music.

With a powerful voice, but also warm, she manages to carries the listener through a dynamic human emotions, and made herself noticed at 2012 edition of Vocea Romaniei (The Voice), being one the the contestants with the greatest chance of winning the show.

The artist wasn’t at her first contact with music. She had also sang in pop-rock while she was a teenager, as the lead-singer and the composer of the band Aliens. She worked together with  Edi Schneider (DJ Phantom), and afterward she flirted with the hip-hop stage, for some musical projects with Grasu XXL, Puya and Guess Who. All these experiences helped her define her style and wanting a solo career.

Since 2014, Feli decided to enter the HaHaHa Production team and she started working for her own musical project. She conquered the public’s heart with her first single – „Cine te crezi”, released in October 2014, together with Cat Music. The hit topped the charts, and in 2015 was nominated as Best Romanian Act at  MTV EMA awards. More than that, the video gathered over 10 million views on Cat Music YouTube channel.

The story carried with “Sa cante trompetele” – featuring BUG Mafia, and in 2015, Feli releases “Creioane colorate”, a song written for all those moments in which it is easier for us to express ourselves through music. The single is produced in HaHaHa Production studios, the music is composed by Feli, Serban Cazan and Smiley, and the lyrics are written by the artist herself.



Creioane colorate

Va urma

Cine te crezi