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Ellie White

Is born in Buzau and at age 7 she started her music studies at “Liceul de Arte”.

When she was in 9th grade, she participated at many national music festivals such as Trofeul Amara, Callatis festival, “Ursuletul de aur” festival.

In the fall of 2003, DJ Gino Manzotti and DJ Maxx took Elena Baltagan  in their project (DJ Project) and released their first album in the new formula – „Lumea ta”.

In 2004, DJ Project was the most successful Romanian band which stayed the longest in the radio charts from Romania – over 40 weeks, with the same song „Lumea ta”. „Printre vise” – another successful song on radio stations, followed.

In 2005, the single „Lumea ta” starts to be promoted by Ministry of Sound – the most important record label in Europe, specialized on euro-dance music.

Some radio stations from Europe played the basic song, in Romanian, as well as the one in English, but also some remixes.

In Europe, DJ Project was promoted as „Elena”. In 2005 as well, DJ Project releases a new album – „Soapte”. The first single „Privirea ta”, soon became representative for thousands of love stories, being very successful. The second single-extras was „Soapte”, and also followed an English version „Privirea ta” (Before I Sleep). Several No 1 hits, albums, thousands of concerts in Romania and abroad and musical awards, followed.

In 2010, Ellie White released her first solo single – “Nu te mai caut”, for which she worked with the producers from Play & Win. The single was in Top 10 Media Forest and the video was directed by Dragos Buliga.

In 2011, Ellie White releases a new single, called “Power of Love”. The song was composed by Laurentiu Duta and the video was directed by Alex Ceausu, filmed in several location from Sicily:  Taormina, Etna Volcano and the beach from Agrigento.

2011 – releases the song “Sete de noi” (en. “Forever mine”), composed by Adi Cristescu, and shortly, also the video directed by the same Alex Ceausu.

September 2012 – releases the video for the song “Ziua Mea”. The video was directed by Alex Ceasu and it was filmed in Malta, and the song also had an English version – “Temple of Love”.

October 2013 – releases the song „Feel”, which is her first international collaboration together with the Portuguese DJ – Kourosh Tazmini. The video was directed by Alex Ceasu and it was filmed in Romania.

The next song, “Vânzător de lumină” is a collaboration with Viky Red, who also composed it. Calin Goia from Voltaj wrote the lyrics and the video was director by Khaled Mokhtar.

2013 – held a concert in front of over 50.000 persons, at one of the most important house event – Liberty Parade, who took place between Venus and Saturn beaches in Romania.

Ellie White’s new appearance is innovative every time. In the video “Zi ceva” (2014), Ellie, under the supervision of the stylist Carmen Negoita, chose outstanding outfits, which made the Londoners to notice her, considered as one of the sexiest Romanian artist. The shooting for “Zi ceva” lasted 3 day, throughout the production team choose the most memorable settings from London for the video. Alex Ceasu is again the director to whom Ellie chose to work.

In 2015, the beautiful artist returns with a song with Romanian lyrics – “Nu vreau sa te pierd”. With a romantic touch, the single  “Nu vreau sa te pierd” is composed by Connect-R, DJ Sava and Cosmin Dobrescu, keeping the style which defined Ellie White’s musical career.