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One of the most beloved Romanian singers, signed at Cat Music Record Label, with over 10 years of experience in the music industry. Half Aromanian, half Ardelean, Elena comes from a priest’s family and believes strongly that the most important thing in the world is her family.

Being a perfectionist and extremely tenacious, Elena contributes with ideas and hard work in every musical project, so is among the few artists with a complete artistic concept.

 2001, at only 16 years old, Elena participates at the Mamaia Festival , one of the most significant festivals in Romania.

2003 – Elena became the lead-vocal of Mandinga, one successful latino band. In June that year, Mandinga performed the opening act for Rafaga’s concert.

2005 – the band ranked 4th place in the Romanian National Eurovision Selection with the song “Soarele meu”. Their album “Soarele meu” was awarded with an Golden Record.

2006 – Elena opened her own dance school called “Passitos”.

June, 2006 – she released her first solo album, “Vocea ta”, album that contains the super-hit “Soarele meu” (“My Sun”).

August, 2006 – performed the opening act for Vaya Con Dios concert.

March, 2007 – Elena has won the Radio Romania prize for Best Performing Act and was nominated at the Best Song of 2006 category, with the song “Vocea ta”.

August, 2007 – Elena’s hit single “Ochii tai caprui” won the award for Best Song of 2007, at the RomanianTop Hit Music Awards.

December, 2007 – released the song “Te ador”, that has entered first positions on charts in the summer of 2008.

Elena is the first artist who released an Aromanian music album (Lilicea Vreariei) on the Romanian music market. On December, 2008, Elena was rewarded by Aromanian Community for the Aromanian music album – Lilicea Vreariei;

July, 2009 – Elena is involved in several humanitarian campaigns: Chance at life, an opportunity to new memories, a humanitarian campaign for children with heart defects, “Stop sexual abuse of minors”, “Young hopes”.

January, 2009 – She wins Romanian National Eurovision Selection with the song The Balkan Girls and starts a promotion tour for The Balkan Girls in Germany, UK, Belgium.

May, 2009 – Elena represents Romania at Eurovision Final in Moscow.

May, 2010 – Elena has released her new video for the song “Disco Romancing”, that became a number one on the main Romanian radio stations, for four weeks in a row, but also spread abroad in Japan, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Israel, France, UK and USA.

April 2011, Elena Gheorghe has released the single “Hot girls” ft Dony. Soon after the release, the song became the summer anthem at the Pro7 Tv (Germany).

November 2011 – “Midnight Sun” climbs to the top positions of several charts in Spain, Germany, Netherlands.

2012 – “Amar tu vida“ has reached top positions in Spain charts. The single has a version with the Spanish artist Dr. Bellido.

In October 2012, Elena starts a promo tour in Japan, where she holds lots of concerts in Tokyo and Osaka and she also released the album “Disco Romancing” for the Japanese music market.

March 2014  – another single, another hit for the beautiful Elena – Ecou, this time a featuring with the rapper Glance. No 1 for 8 weeks in a row, the smashing success of “Ecou” is rewarded with “The song of the year” prize at “Media Music Awards 2013” and “Featuring Top Hit at Romanian Top Hits”.”Ecou” is 2013′s most broadcast song, according to Media Forest.

On the same stage of Media Music Awards, in September 2013, Elena released the song and the video “Pana dimineata”, that comes with the first manifesto of a pop artist – “Don’t Grow up. It’s a Trap”.

April 2014 – Elena made a stunning appearance in the lyric video for the song “De neinlocuit”.

May 2014 – she released another smashing hit, the second featuring with Glance –  ”Mamma Mia” and was instantly broadcasted by all the radios in Romania, Spain and Poland.

October 2014 – brings another featuring with Glance, this time the rapper’s single, called “In bucati”, released in collaboration with Naguale.

December 2014 – Every year, Elena is releasing a Christmas song. “Polul Nord” is Elena’s amazing track for the winter holidays, a beautiful and funny music surprise featuring Uddi and Adi Cristescu.

February 2015 – “Love Moments” means a special live session collection, that Elena recorded and released. Some amazing songs famous in Romania, such as “Eminescu” (by Doina and Ion Aldea-Teodorovici), or Elena’s old hits – “Pana la stele”.

May 2015 – After the European success of the hit-single “Mamma Mia” (Elena feat Glance), Elena released a new song – “Señor Loco”, a feat with the Columbian artist Danny Mazo. The video express the colorful world of the spanish people, from the South Spain.

September 2015 – a new song with Romanian Lyrics – Autograf. In the video, Elena presents her impersonation of some of the famous princesses, such as “Snow White”, “Cinderella” or “Ariel”.