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Young, beautiful and passionate about music, Ecaterine was born in Timisoara in 1987. Since she was a child, Ecaterine was inspired by her father, who often played accordion at home.

Her first contact with music was at age 7, at a school celebration, during which small Ecaterine realized  that music is her true calling. She studies piano and violin at the Music High School “Ion Vidu”. At the same time, Ecaterine attends other classes, improving her singing and vocal techniques. Spontaneous and charismatic, she hosts a show at a local TV channel, in Timisoara.

Along side Cat Music, in 2012, Ecaterine releases  her first single –  ”Secretul tau”, composed and produced by DJ Sava.

The year fo 2013 brings her first video for the song “Zi cu soare”, featuring Dima. Ecaterine and Dima released a few months later another single “Chiky Lala”, an invitation to adventure and dance. The song is composed by Dimitri and Alexandru Ionita, a story about dreams, desires and  happiness, stemmed from friendship and the thrill of first love.

In March 2015, Ecaterine released the most passionate video of her career and the single “Flacari in rai”, a beautiful love ballad with a melancholic vibe. If her first dance songs are full of energy and color, Ecaterine changes the musical register and releases a pop-rock song.

Top songs:

Flacari in rai

Chiky Lala

Zi cu soare