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Delia Matache is one of Romania’s greatest talents. She was born on February the 7th 1982, in Bucharest, and she is currently one of our country’s most beloved singers. Delia showed her passion and talent for music from an early age: she graduated from Dinu Lipatti Music High School and then the prestigious Bucharest Music Conservatory.

Her music career started with the N & D project, alongside Nick. The band enjoyed years of nationwide success. Some of their most famous hits: „Nu e vina mea”, „Nu vreau sa te pierd” and „Vino la mine” were played on heavy rotation throughout the country and they gathered tens of thousands of fans during concerts.

In 2003, after the N & D project ended, Delia started her solo career, which took off almost instantly after the release of her first hit – „Parfum de fericire”. In 2007, the singer released a successful album – “Listen Up”, that quickly climbed the Romanian radio charts with songs such as „Sufletul meu” and „Secretul Mariei” – featuring Smiley.

However, Delia’s single career really took off in the summer of 2011, with the release of her new single – „Dale”. The song became a huge hit on all the major radio stations in Romania and was licensed to play in many countries throughout Europe, as well as Mexico.

In March 2012, the charming and talented artist brings another great hit – „Omadeo”. By now, Delia’s popularity was so great, that her guests arrived an hour early to the club when she announced the release of her new single. Nobody wanted to miss the show!

2012 was a busy year for Delia. Beside the release of her new single, she won 3rd place on the popular Romanian televised music game-show “Te cunosc de undeva!“. Her performance of Tarkan’s hit “Simarik – kiss kiss” also won her an invitation to perform as a special guest star on the Turkish version of the same televised game-show.

After the huge success of  “Omadeo”, Delia brought other two singles: “Wuella Wuella and ”Africana”. She also chose to record her own videos for these songs, using footage from her trips in Turkey and Africa. This earned her great respect and a cult following in Turkey.

In 2013, Delia made another breakthrough: she released the first interactive video in Romania, for her single – “Doi in unu”, featuring Mihai Bendeac. On YouTube, Delia’s fans were given the opportunity to choose how the video story ended. The video registered over 10 million views, quickly becoming one of the most popular hits of the year.

Next, Delia changed the tune by releasing “U (fighting with my ghosts)” as an alternative to popular radio music. The song became an instant hit. This was a way for Delia to prove that she can successfully dabble in both the commercial and the underground music scene. After the success of “U”, the artist decided to explore the underground scene further. The result is a collaboration with Gojira & Planet H – the single “In culori”.

In September 2013, Delia released “Doar pentru tine” – a pop-rock ballad which captured million hearts. Tackling this new genre was an absolute first for Delia, but she proved once again that she is a complete and versatile artist.

The year 2014 marked the debut of a new single/video – “Ipotecat” feat. UDDI. The song quickly climbed the radio charts, becoming a huge hit. This time, the music style is pop/reggae, confirming once again Delia’s hard work and incredible talent.

The summer of 2014 brought us a new song – “A lu’ Mamaia”, featuring Speak - an ode dedicated to the most popular Romanian beach resort. The song blasted through the speakers of every car traveling to the beach and was the inspiration and soundtrack of hundreds of fan made videos.

Next, Delia released “Pe aripi de vant”. The song, featuring the young artist Kaira, became a music phenomenon, with more than 24 million views on YouTube so far. The song was played on every major radio station since its release day and it kept its number 1 position in the charts for 21 weeks – the longest time ever recorded for any artist in Romania.

At the same time, Delia collaborates with her fellow X Factor jury member and colleague, Horia Brenciu for the song “Inima nu vrea”.

The sequel to “Pe aripi de vant” was a new hit called “Inimi desenate“ – a powerful song which spoke of the avalanche of emotions that flood the heart when a love story ends, but you don’t get to have closure. Two months after its release, the song was already the second most played song on Romanian radio stations everywhere.

Shorty after “Inimi desenate”, Delia and Carla’s Dreams release “Cum ne noi”. This song marks a new record for Delia’s career: it is the first song in Romanian to get more than 10 million views on YouTube in 30 days. The song had in only 7 months more than 33 million views and became the most popular upload on YouTube of the 2015 year.

On March the 13th 2015, Delia played for the first time in her career at Sala Palatului. The show was sold out. Delia took this opportunity to amaze her fans once again: the show ended with her singing while flying over the audience with huge wings.

Delia’s success reaches a new peek with the release of the hit-single – “Da, mama”. The song is greatly controversial, starting a craze and setting a new record for media exposure. It generates thousands of articles and a huge online reaction.

Presently, Delia is part of the X Factor jury for the 4th consecutive season.

 Top songs:

Da, mama

Pe aripi de vant

Inimi desenate

Cum ne noi (feat Carla’s Dreams)

Ipotecat (feat. Uddi)

A lu’ Mamaia (feat. Speak)


U (Fighting with my ghosts)

Wuella Wuella


Doar pentru tine