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CRBL (Compun Rime Bine Legate), whose name is actually Eduard Mihai Andreianu, started his career as a member in the Simplu band. Together with his colleagues, the artist recorded eight albums and filmed the movie “Un Film Simplu” (A Simple Film), where he played his own role. In 2004, he opened his own dance hall with break-dance and street-dance specific and formed a new dancing crew BIG BOUNCE, which has won numerous national and international competitions.

A singer, choreographer and dancer, CRBL started his solo career with the single “Romanu’ n-are noroc”, released in 2010.

Also known as a talented entertainer, CRBL has been a part of the TV show “Dansez pentru tine” (Dancing For You), where he met his wife. In 2011, he is part of the jury for the first season of the Megastar show and is a radio DJ for one of the main radio stations on the market. At the same time, he continues his work in the studio and releases the single “Hey Mama”.

In the spring of 2012, followed the collaboration with Helen for the song “Kboom”. The song becomes the hit of the year and the most successful single in his solo career up to now, bringing the artist awards at the Romanian Music Awards and Media Music Forest 2012.

November 2012 – After making the speakers explode with the hit K -boom, CRBL organized a super party, found the coolest MC, filmed this madness and showed us everything that happened there, in the video “Petre”, in collaboration with Adda.

In 2013, following another super single “Toata tara”, featuring Ruby. The video brings an urban atmosphere with dancers, choreographers and break-dance moves and a wall full of graffiti.

January 2014 – releases his solo album – “Ce avem noi aici?!”. The album has 14 songs, including the smashing hits “Petre”, “Kboom” and “Romanu’ n-are noroc”. Each song is representative for CRBL, both music style and message, inspired from his personal life and music career.

March 2014 – is the month of the song “Usor usor”, second collaboration with Adda, this time alongside raku. The single meant a change of music style, with a chill and balanced beat, and for the video, the artist transforms himself into an elegant and charming character. In addition, the dancers turned into performers, the cap become trilby, the sport shoes are now brogues and the hoodie is smoking.

August 2014 – Good morning! It announces a full day of sun and plenty of coffee. This was the beginning of the August 7th, with a new single and video from CRBL, “Buna dimineata”, featuring Denise.

September 2014 – CRBL works with Pavel Stratan for the song “Toti avem”, with a video with elements of a cool party.

March 2015 – New single and video: “Din studio”, a simple and sincere story about a part of his music career.

June 30, 2015 – CRBL celebrated his birthday with a new project, in his characteristic style. The artist appeals to the every day’s routine, with fun, relaxing moments, energy, real situations with a dose of sarcasm and self-irony.

Fall 2015 – CRBL surprises us with a personal song, with an emotional message, and released the single and video “Plange sufletul meu”, featuring Anlora.

On December 1st 2015, as for the two previous years, CRBL composed and released a song for the National Day of Romania. A convinced nationalist, who tries to change something through his music, CRBL released the song “Ne cerem tara inapoi”, after the previous songs released on December 1st: “Romania nu-i jucaria ta” (2013) and “Vreau sa fiu erou” (2014).

Top songs:

Petre (feat Adda)


Plange sufletul meu (feat Anlora)

Buna dimineata (feat Denise)

Toata tara (feat Ruby)

Din studio