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Ever since he was a little boy, Arsenie (July 22nd, 1983 – Moldova) has been a big dreamer. He has always wanted to become a successful singer whose songs would inspire people and influence the history of music.

When he was a kid, he used to listen to Russian music and to sing his favorite songs to his sister, who was her biggest fan.

At 15 he starts writing lyrics and one year later he joins the Moldavian folk band – “Stejareii” (The Small Oak Trees) playing the contrabass and was soon performing on the most important scenes in Moldova.

At 17 he starts to take singing lessons with Larisa Shulga, one of the most important people in his career. He was the one who introduced him to Dan Balan who invited him to join the “O-Zone” project. Shortly after, Radu Sirbu came along and completed the trio that was about to conquer the entire European continent with the smash hit “Dragostea din tei” (Love From The Linden Trees).

After separating from O-Zone in January 2005, Arsenie appears as a solo artist using the stage name of Arsenium and releases the “Love me… Love me…” song.

In March 2006 he joins the “Dansez pentru tine” (Dancing For You) competition and wins the second place. In the same year, together with Natalia Gordienco and Connect-R, he represents Moldova with the “Loca” song in Eurovision – the Athens edition.

Afterwards, he releases the first album in his career – “Al 33-lea element” (The 33th Element) in Romania and Moldova. In 2007 he releases the third video ”Professional Heartbreakers” – done according to Arsenie’s ideas and together with the “Simpals LTD” company in Chisinau/Moldova.

It is the time when Arsenie guaranteed his comeback to the international charts and play lists in the clubs.

The latest project:  I’m giving up