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Adina Postelnicu participated at PRO TV’s contest „Alege ASIA“, where she met Roxana Spoiala. The two of them took in Adina’s sister – Roxana as well, and together created the girl-band Heaven.

The debut year, 2005, was of course full of premieres: first concert, first TV appearance and first video. A nice surprise for the public was the collaboration with Gil Dobrica. In the following year, the girls filmed two videos and released their first album, at a huge event organized at Palatul Copiilor. The band’s success came together with “MTV Music Awards” gala, which brought the girls “Best debut” award.

The album has 14 songs, including “Pentru totdeauna” (2005), “O parte din rai” (2006) and “Du-ma pe o stea”, (2006). The girls released a video for the song “O parte din rai”, the only ballad from the album.

In 2007, the beautiful girls from Heaven collaborated with No Mercy, for the single “Let’s dance”. In 2008, Roxana leaves the band for a solo career, being replaced by Allianna – with real name Alina Rosca. In this formula Heaven releases in the summer of 2009, the single “So lonely”, which marks a new collaboration with Costi Ionita, the song’s composer.

The first international success of the band was the single “Sexy Girl” – produced by the young composer Gabriel Huiban. The song represents a powerful comeback of the girls in the industry, being a featuring to Glance.

In no time, the single not only hits the charts, but also is on heavy-rotation in Cipru, Grecia, Spania, Malta, Anglia.

In  2011, the girls release the song “Dynamite”, together with Adina, Roxana and Aliana, thanks to a makeover, and are fresher and more appealing.

In 2012, the three girls from Heaven, release the single “Sunshine” together with a new video, filmed in Palma de Mallorca.

Heaven repeat the collaboration with Glance and release in July 2013, the single and video “Good times”, and in October 2013 – the video for “Isteria”

In 2014, Adina releases her first solo single – “Lipsa ta”, a collaboration with Mirame. The artist marks this evolution through a total makeover, even more courageous than the first one, the song’s lyrics being inspired by Adina’s love life.

In 2015, Adina carries on by releasing her second solo single, and also a passionate video, together with her boyfriend Glance.